ThinkData is changing the way we interact with external data.

What We Do

Confronted by a mess of unreadable formats, static data and corrupted files, it’s no surprise that a lot of businesses aren’t taking advantage of external data's potential. By providing a range of services for businesses and individuals alike, ThinkData Works removes the roadblocks that prevent easy access to external data.

“Exploiting external data requires a very different kind of platform and that requires a very different set of capabilities..."

—Anant Jhingran, VP Data, Apigee

At ThinkData Works we build tools to help manage external data. We'll help you...

  • Find, organize, and connect to data

  • Access to a data management platform that creates catalogues of data organized by use, theme, or project
  • Manage existing data feeds and add additional data as needed

  • Record, maintain, and monitor metadata

  • Records and keeps track of metadata, including licensing
  • Automatically pushes updates in standard formats
  • Source monitoring to track changes in data

  • Standardize and merge related data

  • Builds unified aggregates out of any number of individual resources
  • Matches internal spec
  • Ability to enrich and derive attributes
  • Pushes changes on the fly
  • Accessible via a single API

  • Perform transformations outside the existing environment

  • External transformations for external data
  • Cloud-based system allows for massive scalability leading to an increase in processing throughput
  • Standardizes data outside of the enterprise in order to keep internal infrastructure efficient

  • Store data and manage access across the enterprise

  • Single platform that allows you to create teams and control access
  • Collect and manage data on a project-by-project basis
  • Set visibility and accessibility limits to increase organization-wide use

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